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Character of service

For our clients, Experting provides a global insurance service including risk analysis, proposal of optimal scope of cover, insurance management and, of course, claims adjustment.
The policy usually includes property insurance against natural hazards, theft or vandalism and third party liability for property, life and health damages.

As a special product is realized an all risks insurance of constructive and erecting activities (type CAR / EAR) which is negotiated according to European standards.

In cooperation with insurers we also realize new products as insurance bonds which are similar to a bank guarantee.
Trading firms make use of all risks transport insurance. Insurance for medical treatment on official journeys to foreign countries includes much more, such as legal aid, liability insurance, bailment, etc.

These types of insurance are usually concluded in general agreements.
Economically strong companies more and more take advantage of special business interruption insurance and directors and officers liability (D & O).

Wide offer is in professional liability for designers, surveyors, lawyers, doctors, trustees in bankruptcy or auditors and accountants.

According to tax reliefs is for employers an interesting product life and accident insurance. Among these we can name capital life insurance suitable for top management stabilization or different types of life and accident insurance, insurance of daily benefits during a temporary disablement or above standard while staying in hospital.

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